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Political Science

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APSC Mains 2016 – Political Science

Full Syllabus

Unit I :  (a) Nature and Scope of Political Science, Its relationship with other social science. Approaches to the study of Political Science.
(b) Origin of the State – Functions of the State, Laissez Faire and Socialistic Theories, Concept of welfare state.
(c) Forms of Government – Democracy, Dictatorship, Presidential and Parliamentary Forms – Unitary and Federal Forms.
(d) Organs of Government – Legislature, Executive and Judiciary – Separation of powers.
(e) Sovereignty – Monistic and pluralistic, Analysis of Sovereignty.
(f) Justice – Liberty – Equality, Power Authority Law.

Unit II :  Political Philosophy of Plato – Aristotle, Gandhi, Marx.


  1. A History Of Political Thought: Plato To Marx – Mukherjee and Susheela Ramaswamy
  2. Introduction to Political Theory – O P Gauba
  3. Politial Theory – Rajeev Bhargava
  4. Wikipedia – for any concept not cleared

Unit I :  (a) Constitution of India : Framing of the constitution of India — Fundamental Rights and Duties- Directive Principles of the State Policy, Citizenship.
(b)Union Government, Legislature, Executive, Judicial.
(c) State Government, Legislature, Executive, Judiciary.
(d) Centre-State Relations.
(e) Value of Local Government in a Democracy, Local Self Government in Assam.
(f) Bureaucracy and role of the Civil Service in India.

Unit II :  Constitutions of the U.S.A. the U.K.

Unit III :  United Nations – Objective and Principles, Organs Specialised Agencies – ILO, UNESCO, IMF.


  1. Our Constitution – Subhash Kashyap
  2. Politics in India – Rajni Kothari
  3. -for International Organisations
  4. Indian Polity by Laxmikant – for basic coverage of the Paper II


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