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APSC CC(Prelim) Exam 2016 – GS Paper Analysis

APSC Prelim 2016 – GS Paper – Answer key newarrow_e0

APSC GS analysis

Many of the candidates has observed ( and are in the opinion ) that this year’s GS Paper was more tilted toward some sections and less toward others.
Let’s analyse the paper by segregating no. of questions from each areas and see from which area more questions have appeared and which are the sections very lightly covered by the GS paper.

Sections No. of Questions
Polity 16
Geography 13 = 3 (India) + 10 (World)
India Economy 8
History 35 = 30(India) + 2(World) + 3(Assam)
Current Affairs 7
Science & Tech 9
Miscellaneous 9
Aptitude 3
Total 100
  • Too many questions came from History, Polity and Geography
  • Current Affairs, Govt Schemes and Assam Related questions were less as compare to previous years.
  • This year’s GS Paper was tougher than the GS Paper of last year.
  • So, in determining cut off of Prelim, the marks of Optional paper will be crucial.

APSC Pre 2016 – Expected Cut-off Marks newarrow_e0


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